Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Robotastic Birthday.

My little boy turned 3 last weekend and so for his party he decided he wanted a robot cake, well that in turn meant ROBOT PARTY to me.  This was not an easy task because robot things, ie decorations, cake designs, and party favors are pretty much non-existent except when you don't need them and then of course they will be everywhere.  

So that meant I had to make the invitations, some of the decorations and try to be clever with the cake decorating.

First the invitations.  I used stickers, the ONLY robot stickers in all of the Michael's I was looking in.  Then I made 3 large robots using silver wrapping, various sizes of boxes I had laying around, and florist foam.  Lastly, I was tempted to have a large robot cake created but really didn't want to fork out $200-$300 for it so I opted for a photo cake using a print Jack has hanging on his wall. It didn't turn out great but he really like it. I also found robot images online to place on gift bags and was lucky enough to find a couple of robot themed items in the $1 aisle at Michaels. 



RuJu said...

wow! Robot party! Sounds tricky. My son turned 2 last weekend. He wanted a 'blue' party. Easy, but odd.

p.s. my name is erin too.

Erin said...

Hi Erin!
Yes, haha a 'blue' party would be much easier. It wasn't too tricky once I had some ideas but it was much more original than a licensed character party.

C. Wade said...

um, that middle robot is *very* cute, and I think they cake came out nice!

Kahoonica said...

Sounds like a wonderful party! My nephew is turning three in a couple of weeks and he LOVES Robots. I think I may forward this link to my sister. Thank you for this lovely post. :)